General Remarks

The CDMS database contains a catalog of transition frequencies and state energies for atoms and molecules of astrophysical and atmospheric interest. The relevant laboratory data on these molecules is scattered over many journals and very many issues, and the CDMS has the purpose to provide the relevant data to the astronomical and spectroscopical community in a standardized way. Generally, emphasis has been put on creating new or updated entries taking into account particularly the submillimeter and terahertz regions.

The entries are not restricted to species already observed in the ISM or CSM, but also include molecules that may be found there in the future. Therefore, the catalog can be, and has been used to identify new molecules in space. At present, the catalog covers mostly rotational transitions from the radio-frequency to the terahertz region and lower mid-infrared region, i.e. frequencies lower than ~18 THz or ~600 cm-1, or wavelengths longer than ~16.5 μm.

Vibration-rotation transitions in the far-infrared region have been included for C3. They may be included in a greater number in the near future. Vibration-rotation transitions in the mid-infrared region are currently not considered to be included in the database. If there is a genuine interest for such information to be included in our database please sent us comments and suggestions in order to suggest species. Information on background literature is desirable !!

CDMS is part of the Virtual Atomic and Molecular Datacenter (VAMDC) and thus supports all its standards.

Comments and suggestions are very welcome. Please visit the Contact section.